This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Defining the periodic review duration for published knowledge articles

An administrator uses BMC Helix Business Workflows to define the time periods for when published knowledge articles are periodically reviewed and validated. When an article review is due or overdue, agents (article assignee or reviewer) are notified so that they can take appropriate actions on it. 

The following figure illustrates how the review time period works:

As an administrator, you define the review time period for published articles. Based on your defined value, the Next Review Date field in the Knowledge Metadata section of a published knowledge article is populated.

Article assignee and reviewer are notified about the article review and the reviewer performs the review. As required, the reviewer can also extend the review date from the current date by the time period specified in the Next Review Date rule. 

To understand the concept of periodic article review and extending the review time period, see Reviewing and validating knowledge articles.

Out-of-the-box, the review time period is set to one year. However, you can change it only by adding a new time period in the Next Review Date rule, as explained in this topic. 


For this release, do not change the configuration field values provided out of the box.

To add a new review time period

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Settings > Common Services > Configurations. The Configurations page is displayed.
  3. Click  to open the configuration.
    The following out-of-the-box fields are described in detail:

    Configuration DetailsApplication Bundle IDEnter the application ID for which you are configuring the review date. For Knowledge Management shared application, the out-of-the-box value of this field is:
    Configuration NameEnter the name of the configuration item. The out-of-the-box value of this field is:
    Record Definition NameEnter the name of the record definition for which you are configuring the review date. The out-of-the-box value of this field is:
    com.bmc.dsm.knowledge:Knowledge Article.
    Configuration Data TypeSelect a data type for the configuration item from the list. For the article review date, the out-of-the-box value of this field is Integer.
  4. To add a new review date, under the Configuration Values section, click

  5. Complete the required fields as explained in the following table:

    Configuration ValueSpecify the time period value in seconds. The out-of-the-box value for one year is 31556926 seconds. Enter any value in seconds other than the default value.
    Configuration OrderFor multiple review time periods, it specifies which time period is used as default. The available order range is 1-1000, with 1 as the highest order value and 1000 as the lowest order value. The out-of-the-box value of this field is 1000. Enter a value between 1-999.
    Note: The time period value with the lowest configuration order is used as default.


    The Expression field in the Configuration Values section is unavailable for this release.

  6. Click Save.

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