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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Working with dynamic, custom, and extension fields

As a case business analyst, you can add additional fields to cases or tasks by adding the custom fields to a case template, task template, or record definition. When a case agent creates a case or task, the agent can view these fields and use them to store information about the case or task. You can either add fields to all cases or tasks, or add fields to specific cases or tasks.

Methods to add dynamic and custom fields to cases and tasks

The following table shows the different ways in which a case business analyst can add fields to cases and tasks:


Dynamic fields added to case or task template

Dynamic fields added to case or task record definition

Custom fields added through extension record definitions


Add to individual case or task when the template containing the dynamic fields are used to create the case or task.

Add to all cases and tasks by adding the dynamic fields directly to the case or task record definition.

Generate extension record definitions to add custom fields.


Fields are not searchable from any console or in global search.

Fields are searchable in the consoles.

Fields are searchable in consoles and global search.


Fields are displayed in reports.

Fields are displayed in reports.Fields are reusable in approvals, notifications, reporting, and service level agreements.
ExampleA case agent wants to specify the employee hiring date for cases that are created for onboarding new employees. To enable the case agent to specify the date, you add a new dynamic field of date and time field type to the Employee Onboarding case template.Employees in your company have two managers, a primary manager and functional manager. A case agent wants to specify a functional manager for all cases. To enable the case agent to specify the functional manager, you add a new text field to the Case record definition and case views.A case business analyst adds a vendor question in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog to all service requests for procurement. When these procurement service requests are submitted, the selected vendor is added to a custom field on (or related) to the case. In BMC Helix Dashboards, a case agent creates a custom report by using the vendor field.

Actions that you can perform

The following table lists the actions that you can perform on dynamic, custom, and extension fields:

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