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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Viewing and updating case details

After a case is created, as a case agent with write access to the case, you can update the case details like summary, category tier, priority, site, and so on. 


While creating a case for reimbursement for an employee, you specify the case summary as Request for reimbursement policy information. After you create the case, the employee requests specifically for the medical reimbursement policy information of the company. To highlight this specification in the case, you change the summary to Request for medical reimbursement policy information.

Other than the basic details of a case, you can also view certain details in the case that provide additional information to analyze the case resolution.

To update the details of a case

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Select Workspace > Cases.
  3. From the Line of Business list, select the line of business for which you want to update a case.
  4. To open a case on the Cases workspace, click the required case ID.
  5. (Optional) To view a case on a separate tab, right-click the case and select Open link in new tab.
  6. On the case details page, click Edit, and update the case details.
    The following image shows an example of the case details page on a desktop:

    The following image shows the details in a mobile device:

Case details

View and edit case details



Brief summary of the case.


Detailed information about the case.


High, Medium, or Low.


User other than the requester that can be contact for the case.
If the user viewing the contact details does not have permission to view the details, and the name of the user cannot be displayed, the fallback field value is displayed. The fallback field is Assignee name. If the fallback field value is empty, the GUID of the user is displayed.

Assigned group and Assignee

Support group and case agent to whom the case is assigned.
If the SET_STATUS_TO_ASSIGNED_ON_REASSIGNMENT configuration is enabled for your line of business, when you change the assigned group the status of the case is reset to Assigned.
If the name of the user cannot be displayed, or if a user does not have access to view the the details of the assigned group and assignee, the GUID of the user is displayed.

Case template

Current case template that is used for the case, which you can change by clicking Change Case Template.

Target date

Date by which you must resolve the case.

Case Site and Site change reason

Requester's site is selected by default, which you can change by specifying the Site change reason.

Category tiers

Case category and subcategories for the case that determine the case assignment and classification.


Tag applied to the case that is used to filter cases.

Resolution code and Resolution description

Code and description that you can specify while resolving the case.

Resources tab:

Lists of relevant knowledge articles and cases that are useful to resolve cases.
When the case template is changed, the knowledge articles attached to the case through that case template are removed from the case. Knowledge articles that are manually attached to the case remain attached. Knowledge articles attached to the new case template are attached to the case.

This figure shows view and edit case details

View only case details



Service request ID created in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

External ticket ID

External ticket ID if a Jira issue or a BMC Helix ITSM work order or incident is created from the case.


Channel through which a case is requested, such as email, chat, portal, and walk by. The source for cases created through an external application, such as BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced or API is Agent.


Names of the collaborators that are assigned in the service request in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced. They can view public comments in the service request.


List of files attached to the case.

Dynamic fields

Case specific important information that helps case agents to work on the case. Responses added to questions in a service request cannot be modified.

Activity tab

Activities, time stamp in MMM-DD, YYYY, and history of the changes made in the case. 

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