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Triggering the approval process for cases based on qualifications

Case business analysts can define the order of approval flows for case templates and specify the qualifications for the approval flows. Based on the order that the approval flows are defined, and the qualifications for the approval flows, the approval process is triggered for cases. The first matching qualification determines whether a particular approval flow will be triggered for a case approval process.

An approval flow is triggered for cases only when all qualifications that are added to the approval flow are met.


A case business analyst wants to create approval flows that will trigger the approval process for cases based on categories as the qualification. The case business analyst creates three approval flows and defines the qualifications for them. The following table lists the approval flows, qualification, and assignees:

Approval flow


Assigned to

Approval flow 1

Category Tier 1 = Applications

Peter K.

Approval flow 2

Template name = Case template 2

Elizabeth B.

Approval flow 3

Category Tier 1 = Applications

Doris Wright

When a case agent creates a case with Applications as Category Tier 1, the application checks for the first flow in the list that matches the qualification. In this scenario, Approval flow 1 is first in the order that fits the qualification, and is triggered. The case is sent to Peter K. for approval.

When a case agent creates a case without a category, the application finds that it is mapped to Approval flow 2 and the case is assigned to Elizabeth B. for approval.

For the third approval flow to be used, the case business analyst must add more qualification to it. The third approval flow will be triggered only when the additional qualification is also met for a case.

Roles involved in this use case

  • Case business analyst
  • Case agent


Case business analysts can now define qualifications for approval flows to trigger the approval process for cases.

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