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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.


Notifications are a great way to inform users about certain events that occur so that users have the latest information about these events. For example, a case is assigned to an agent and the agent is notified about the assignment.

Notifications in BMC Helix Business Workflows provide the following benefits:

  • Real-time notifications help users to stay up to date.
  • Ability to add record details, for example, record ID, status, priority, and so on in the notification message help users quickly search for a case and be aware of its importance.
  • Flexibility to add recipients helps case business analysts to notify the required users.

Default and custom notifications

In BMC Helix Business Workflows, the following notifications are available to use:

  • Default notifications—The default notifications are available for events that occur during likely use of the product and that are applicable to all companies in a tenant.
    For more information about the default notifications, see Notification events and templates.
  • Custom notifications—To notify a user or support group, a case business analyst can create custom notifications for records like cases, tasks, and knowledge articles, service targets for cases and tasks, activity feeds, and case approvals.
    For more information about the process of creating notifications, see Creating custom notifications.

Notification types and components

BMC Helix Business Workflows supports the email and alert notification types.

Notifications in BMC Helix Business Workflows consist of components such as module, event, template, process, and rule. When creating a notification, a case business analyst defines these components to specify when the notification should be sent, the notification content, and the recipients.

The following table describes the purpose of the notification components:


Display the predefined recipients and fields from a record while creating a notification template

EventDefine an event name in the product for which you want to create a notification
TemplateDraft the notification message and define the message's language, recipients, notification method, and other basic details

Define a trigger condition for a notification related to cases


Define a trigger condition for a notification related to tasks or knowledge articles

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