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Knowledge sets and knowledge templates

The Knowledge Management shared application includes knowledge sets and knowledge templates that enable agents and administrators to create and work with knowledge articles. Knowledge sets are a logical group of articles. Knowledge templates provide a common structure for creating consistent knowledge articles.

The following table denotes the actions that can be performed by users that have the Knowledge Coach functional role and agents on knowledge sets and templates:

Knowledge sets
  • Create and modify knowledge sets
  • Cannot create or modify knowledge sets.
  • Select appropriate knowledge set when creating a knowledge article.
Knowledge templates
  • Create and modify knowledge templates

  • Associate templates with knowledge sets

  • Cannot create or modify knowledge templates.
  • Select knowledge templates before creating knowledge articles.

As a Knowledge Coach, you must configure knowledge sets and knowledge article templates before the agent creates knowledge articles.

Knowledge sets

Knowledge sets enable users to create categories of knowledge articles and to determine the groups of users who will be able to read or write knowledge articles. BMC Helix Business Workflows can have multiple knowledge sets. The view, edit, and search permissions of knowledge article templates and knowledge articles are inherited from knowledge sets.

A Knowledge Coach can modify the permissions of the associated knowledge articles. When an agent creates an article, the agent must select the knowledge template and knowledge set for the article.

Knowledge article templates

Knowledge article templates provide structure and consistent formatting for knowledge articles.

In BMC Helix Business Workflows, the following knowledge article templates are provided out-of-the-box:

Template nameDescription
How to...

Use this template to create knowledge articles that provide step-by-step instructions to complete a task.

Knowledge Centered SupportUse this template to create knowledge articles that provide information about the problem, environment information such as hardware, software and so on; resolution of the problem, and the underlying cause. This template is structured according to the Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) article definition.
ReferenceUse this template to create an information resource.

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