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Creating associations to relate record definitions

As a case business analyst, you create record associations to relate two record definitions. Use record associations to apply the data from one record for another record. For example, you can use the association fields in a notification template.

To create a record association

You can create a record association and use the association field in the record definition. For information about how to create record associations, see Creating record associations Open link .

For example, to use a Person field from the Foundation library to the Case record definition, you can create a Person to Case record association between the Person and Case record definitions. After you create the record association, an association field is added to the Case record definition. The association field stores a foreign key reference to another field value. The name of the association field is the value that you put in the Role of primary record field while creating the record association. In the case record definition, when you enter Manager in the Role of primary record field, a Manager_ID field is created automatically. This MANAGER_ID field is the association field.

The following figures show the record association and the association field:

You can display the associated fields in a view. For information about how to display the fields in a view, see Adding custom fields to views.


When you add a new field to a record definition by using associations, and you define the association as one-to-one or one-to-many, a new field is added automatically to the secondary record definition. If you want to display this field in a view by using an extension container, make sure that you add a named list in the field details. If you do not add a named list in the field details, the field GUID is displayed in the view.

Make sure that while creating a named list, you specify the record GUID as the source and the field that you want to display as the label.

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