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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Creating and consuming dynamic fields in the application

This use case describes how you can add dynamic fields to the dynamic field library and a case or task template.


BMC Helix Business Workflows enables a case business analyst to add dynamic fields and a case agent to consume these dynamic fields. As a case business analyst, you can add number of dynamic fields to the dynamic field library. While creating a case template, you can either add dynamic fields from the dynamic field library or create dynamic fields directly in the case template. Similar to a case template, you can define dynamic fields for a task template. 

Consider a scenario where a case business analyst creates a Change my address case template. While creating the template, the case business analyst adds a template related dynamic field of new address to the template from the dynamic field library. The case business analyst adds one more required dynamic field of reason of relocation which is not available in the dynamic field library directly from the case template screen. 

The case template has two tasks associated with it. First task is of address verification which is a manual task. Second task is of updating the new address in the system which is an automated task.

When a case agent creates a case by using this case template, the case agent enters the information to the dynamic fields and saves the case. The dynamic fields associated with the tasks are also displayed on the case details page.

The responses are stored in the case as additional information to the case. This helps in saving all the case related information in one place.

Roles involved in the use case

  • Case Business Analyst
  • Case Agent


  • With all the details put together, the case agent can work more efficiently and accurately. This also reduces the possibility of the case agent to miss out any important information while creating a case.
  • The information helps in analyzing and summarizing the case at a glance.

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