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Case lifecycle

Cases that are created in BMC Helix Business Workflows go through multiple statuses throughout their lifecycle. As an agent, when you create a case, you change the case status to reflect its progress until it is closed.  

By default, the status of a case is Newwhen you do not use a case template. To move the case to any other status after it is created such as, AssignedIn ProgressPending, Approval Rejected, ResolvedCanceled, and Closed, you must have the required permission.

If a case business analyst modifies the default lifecycle of cases, then cases move through that lifecycle. For more information, see Modifying the lifecycle of cases, tasks, and knowledge articles. Also, BMC Helix Business Workflows enables the case business analyst to define processes for status transitions related to a particular line of business. The case business analyst can define a process that is run when a case is set to a custom status. For more information, see BMC Helix Business Workflows for a line of business and Defining Flowsets for a line of business

Case status transition

When you change the status of a case, the following events take place:

For more information about the status transition, see Changing case statuses

The following workflow shows the case status transition:

A case can also contain tasks as its child records. Agents add tasks to a case to split it into actions and focus on one action at a time. The tasks in cases also go through multiple statuses similar to cases. 

When the case is in the following statuses, you can run tasks in it:

  • Case is in In Progress.
  • Case is in In Progress and then in Pending.

When a case is canceled, the tasks in it are also canceled. 

Learn about changing case status in Changing case statuses.


The following video (3:04) shows how to quickly create a case and move the case through its complete lifecycle:

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