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BMC Helix Business Workflows process designer elements

Process designer in BMC Helix Innovation Studio uses a combination of the default Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) elements and BMC extended elements. In addition to these elements, BMC Helix Business Workflows provides elements that are specific to the product. You can use these elements while creates processes for flowsets, notifications, and automated tasks.

These elements are available in the palette of the Process designer UI. You can drag the desired element on the canvas to design your process.

For information about BPMN elements and BMC extended elements, see  Process designer elements Open link .

BMC Helix Business Workflows specific elements

The following table describes the BMC Helix Business Workflows elements that are available in the process designer:

Element CategoryElement NameSymbolDescription
Case Management Service

Change Assignment

Reassigns a record to a support group or a case agent.

Change Status

Changes the status of a record based on the record lifecycle, company flowset, or specific status value.
Notification Service

Send Notification

Sends a notification about a particular activity.

You can define the email ID from which a notification is sent, Cc, Bcc, and message text in this element.

Send Notification Using Event

Sends a notification when a defined event occurs.

You can define the notification event, module, and source record instance ID in this element.

Task Management Service

Create Task

Creates a task in a case by using the defined task template.

Create Task Without Template

Creates a task in a case without using a task template.

Update Task Data

Updates the dynamic fields or dynamic groups in the process for an automated task.

Approval Process

Calls the defined flow group.
Ticketing Service

Generate PDF

Generates a PDF document by using the defined format and content for the document.

Send to Adobe Sign

Enables digital signing of documents by using Adobe Sign.

Send to DocuSign

Enables digital signing of documents by using DocuSign.

Get Dynamic Data

Retrieves a dynamic field value.
Update Dynamic Data

Updates a dynamic field value.

Social Service

Add Social Post

Adds an activity note in a case.

Add Ticket Post By Rec Def

Creates an activity note in a case.

Create Social Event

Creates an activity note in a case.

Example of using the Process designer elements

Consider an automated task for generating a visa letter. The process for the automated task involves fetching of information to generate a visa letter, generation of the letter, and notifying the user that the letter is ready. The visa letter generation process can be designed in Process designer using elements available in the palette of the Process designer UI. The following image illustrates the process designed using Process designer:

The following table describes the various elements used in the process:

No.Element TypeDescription
1Start EventDenotes the starting of a process
2Get RecordGet Record element is used to retrieve information required to generate the letter from a specified record definition.
3Generate PDFGenerate PDF element is used to generate a PDF document for visa letter by using the defined format and content.
4Send Notification Using EventSend Notification Using Event is used to notify a user that the visa letter is generated.
5End EventDenotes the completion of a process.

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