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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Automatic case assignment

As a case business analyst, you can enable automatic case assignment in BMC Helix Business Workflows. When automatic case assignment is enabled, the cases are automatically assigned to appropriate case agents. This capability enables you to process the cases faster and reduce the turnaround time, and ensure that no case remains unassigned. 

Case assignment methods

The following image shows the different methods in which you can define automatic case assignments:

The different methods of automatic case assignments are using case template, assignment mapping rules, and round-robin assignment.

The assignment mapping rules define case assignment based on case information such as company, line of business, flowset, case category tiers, priority, region, or location. It can define assignments based on a combination of these values.

How automatic case assignment works

The following image shows how cases are automatically assigned to case agents based on case template, assignment mapping rules, and the round-robin method:

Learn about configuring automatic case assignments in Configuring automatic case assignments.


Manual case assignment or the assignment defined in the case template takes precedence over automatic case assignment mapping.

Examples of case assignment mapping rules

Example 1:

  1. A case business analyst configures location—based case assignment as shown in the following image for Facilities line of business in Calbro Services company:
    Example 1
  2. A Pune-based employee of that company travels to the Mumbai office for work and creates a case "Access card not working". The case is automatically assigned to the Mumbai site Facilities group for quick resolution.

Example 2:

  1. A case business analyst configures the following case assignment mapping rule for Human Resource line of business in Calbro Services:
    Example 2
  2. A case agent creates a new hire case with Category Tier 1 as Talent Management. On creating the case, it is automatically assigned to an agent available from the Staffing support group. The assignee is selected using the round-robin method. 

Learn more about how assignment mapping rule is applied on a case in Example of how assignment and read-access mapping is applied when a case is created.

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