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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Accessing and navigating BMC Helix Business Workflows

BMC Helix Business Workflows is a case management solution for multiple lines of business, that helps case agents and case business analysts to complete tasks that they perform frequently. To learn more about the tasks you can perform based on your role, see User goals and features.

Navigation on a desktop browser

The following figure shows the options that you can access after you log on to BMC Helix Business Workflows from the home page.

Learn how to navigate BMC Helix Business Workflows in the following video:

Navigation on a mobile device

Access BMC Helix Business Workflows from mobile devices by opening your company-specific link. You can also click the case or task link that you receive in email notifications to open the application on a mobile device. No additional permissions are required for opening and accessing BMC Helix Business Workflows on mobile devices. All permissions that are applicable in the desktop mode are also applicable on mobile devices.

Supported browsers and languages

The default supported browser on mobile devices is Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are also supported. All languages that are supported in the desktop mode are supported also on mobile devices.

Supported features

The following table lists the features that are supported and not supported on mobiles devices:

Actions supported on mobile devicesActions not supported on mobile devices
  • Edit case and task details:
    • Change assignment
    • Change case template
    • Add attachments
  • View and add activity notes
  • Add related person to a case
  • Add attachments to activity notes
  • View task list and task preview
  • View list of related cases and preview cases
  • View related persons list and remove persons
  • View and search for knowledge articles on the Resources tab
  • View list of assets and preview assets
  • View or update task flow
  • Change case access
  • View or update employee profile
  • View activity notes in full screen mode
  • Add related case
  • Add a new task from template or ad-hoc task
  • Conduct Global search

Customization support

Mobile views contain side panels. These views are not customizable. In mobile views, you can view any customizations that you've done in the desktop mode for prior features. You must test any new customization that you make in the desktop mode for mobile devices.

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