Setting up roles and permissions

User access in BMC Helix Business Workflows is determined based on the users’ responsibilities in your organization and the functional areas in which they work. 

BMC Helix Business Workflows consists of various functional areas, such as Knowledge Management, Service Level Management, Case Management, and so on, that require users to have specific permissions to perform an action in these areas. Out-of-the-box functional roles are available in BMC Helix Business Workflows that grant users the required permission to perform actions in the functional areas. These roles must be assigned to the users. For example, users who need to publish knowledge articles externally must be assigned a Knowledge Management role. 

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Roles and permissions to be assigned in BMC Helix Business Workflows for BMC Helix Business Workflows

A combination of functional roles and permissions are required for users to access and use BMC Helix Business Workflows. Roles and permissions are assigned in BMC Helix Innovation Suite. The following image shows the roles and permissions that you must assign:

To add users

Administrators can add additional users in BMC Helix Business Workflows. The application leverages the Person record of BMC Helix Innovation Suite so that you can add users and their related information such as general details, access, assignment, and support group details. A Person record definition represents an employee or agent from a support group in an organization.

You can add the following types of users:

  • EmployeeA user who raises a request for a service and contacts an agent.
  • Agent—A user who uses BMC Helix Business Workflows to create and manage cases for service requests.

Learn how to add users to your setup in Adding People by using a template Open link and Adding people without using templates Open link .

To assign Administrator and Struct Admin roles to users

A default Administrator user is available out of the box in your setup. If you want to add new administrators to your setup, assign the Administrator group to a user from the User form. A user must have a fixed license for this group assignment to work.

A Struct Admin role provides business analyst capabilities to users with which users can configure settings for the applications and libraries that they are assigned to. To assign the Struct Admin role to a user, assign the Struct Admin and Struct Admin Permissions group to the user from the User form.

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To assign IS bundles

IS bundles include applications and libraries together that are required to configure the applications that are developed on BMC Helix Innovation Studio. To assign access to bundles, select bundles from IS bundles. IS bundle access is also required for users to configure and tailor the BMC Helix Innovation Studio applications.

You must assign access to bundles for individual users from the Person form. Users getting access to bundles also acquire the business analyst permissions automatically. The Business Analyst role is selected in the User form for these users.

Learn how to assign IS bundles in Adding People by using a template Open link > To grant access to BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

To assign IS Persona

IS Persona is the functional role that are used for applications that reside onBMC Helix Innovation Studio. These functional roles are created in BMC Helix Innovation Studio, but assigned to users from the Person form in Mid Tier.

Learn how to assign IS Persona in Assigning IS Personas to People data Open link .

Roles in BMC Helix Business Workflows

The following table lists the topics that you can access to learn about the different roles and permissions in BMC Helix Business Workflows:

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Learn about responsibilities and permissions of a case agent.Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Agent
Learn about responsibilities and permissions of a case manager.Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Manager
Learn about responsibilities and permissions of a case business analyst.Responsibilities and permissions of a Case Business Analyst
Learn about responsibilities and permissions that are required Knowledge Management.Responsibilities and permissions for Knowledge Management
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