Automating case assignment by configuring assignment mapping

This use case describes how cases are automatically assigned to the relevant support groups by mapping the flowset, case category, and case priority to the support group. 


BMC Helix Business Workflows enables the case business analyst to configure the assignment mapping and automatically assign the case to the support group defined in the assignment mapping.  

Consider a scenario, where an employee within an organization submits a service request for updating his legal name. A case agent creates a case and assigns the case to the HR Employee relations support group. A second employee within the same organization submits a service request for a payroll query. A case agent creates a case and based on the case details assigns the case to the HR Compensation and Benefits support group.

With multiple service requests being submitted, the case agents have to create multiple cases with different case details and have to identify the support groups in a line of business to which the case has to be assigned. This process is manual and can be prone to errors.

To overcome the challenges posed by the manual process, the case business analyst can configure assignment mapping for cases in a line of business, which matches the values from the case details with the values defined in the mapping, identifies the best match, and then automatically assigns the case to the correct support group.


Manual case assignment or the assignment defined in the case template takes precedence over case assignment mapping.

Roles involved in this use case

  • Case business analyst
  • Case Agent


Assignment mapping increases productivity for case agents by automatically assigning the case to a relevant support group based on the case details. 

Where to go from here

As a case business analyst, configure the assignment mapping.Automating case assignments
As a case agent, create a case for the service request submitted by a user.
To understand how mapping is applied when a case is created.

Example of how assignment, approvals, and read-access mapping is applied when a case is created

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