Task flow

As a case business analyst, you can create a task flow for a case template and add tasks to a case. A task flow defines the required tasks and their execution order for the resolution of a case. BMC Helix Business Workflows provides a Task flow designer to define a task flow. You can add all types of tasks in a task flow such as manual tasks, automated tasks, and external tasks. You can also define conditions in a task flow by using dynamic data fields and case data fields, so that specific tasks are only executed if a certain condition is met. For information about how to define a task flow, see Defining task flows in a case template.

When a case agent creates cases by using a case template, the cases include a predefined task flow. If required, case agents can add additional tasks to a task flow. However, case agents cannot add conditions to the task flow. For information about how to add additional tasks in a case, see Updating tasks and tracking progress.

Types of task execution

You can define task execution in the following ways:

  • In a predefined sequence, when they are dependent on each other.
  • In parallel, when they are independent of each other.
  • In a conditional, way when a certain condition is met.

For example, when you create a case for onboarding an employee, you can add the following tasks to the case:

  • Task 1—Verify employee documents.
  • Task 2—Add a new user.
  • Task 3—Conduct IT induction.
  • Task 4—Create a contract.
  • Task 5—Perform a legal review.

You can add a condition before the task Perform a legal review to determine if a standard contract or a custom contract is created for the employee. Based on the condition, if the contract is a custom contract, a legal review is done.

When the case status is changed from Staged to In Progress, the first task in the task flow is activated and task execution starts as described in the following task flow:

Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, and Task 4 are executed in a sequence. If the condition is met, Task 5 is executed.

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