Setting up functional roles, permissions, and assignments for users

As an administrator, after you create Foundation data, you must assign user functional roles, line of business functional roles, bundle access, and permissions so that only authorized users can perform actions in the product.

You can define the assignment availability of case agents and enable agents to take up assignments. You can set up user roles, permissions, and assignments in bulk by using the Data Management Console. Alternatively, you can set up individual user roles, permissions, and assignments by using BMC Helix Innovation Studio.

To update user roles and permissions in bulk

You must use the spreadsheets that are available in Action Request System to update user roles and permissions in bulk. Learn more about the spreadsheets in  Spreadsheets required for minimum standard configuration Open link . Learn more about updating user roles and permissions in  Downloading and creating data load spreadsheets Open link .

To assign functional roles and permissions to a user

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides the following primary functional roles:

  • Case Business Analyst
  • Case Manager
  • Case Agent

In addition to the primary functional roles, BMC Helix Business Workflows also supports additional functional roles such as Knowledge Coach, Document manager, and so on. Learn more about assigning roles in Assigning IS Personas to People data Open link .


Assign the line of business functional role to a user to grant the user access to a line of business. For example, you define Facilities line of business. The functional role Line of Business-Facilities is available for the Facilities line of business. You must use this role to grant user access to the line of business.

To define assignment availability of an agent

You can define the assignment availability from BMC Helix ITSM. Learn more in  Configuring assignments Open link .

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