Performance testing methodology

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This topic provides the following information:

  • Tests executed
  • Test cases
  • Data volume

Tests executed

The following tests were executed:

  • Single users test with varying latencies like 1ms, 100ms and 300ms.
  • Multiple users tests for 2,300 users with the mix of applications such as BMC Helix Business Workflows, BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced and BMC Helix Virtual Agent.

Test cases

Response times were captured for key use cases, and transactions for a workload of 2,300 concurrent users.

For details about the use cases and steps, see BMC Business Workflows performance benchmark use cases.

End-user response time was captured for the following key actions:

ApplicationTest cases

BMC Helix Business Workflows

Create Case With Template
Quick Case
Case Console Search
Update Add Task Case
View Add Note Task
Create Case with Email
Search Knowledge Article
Update Case with Email
Approve Case

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced

Unified Catalog
View Knowledge Article
Create Service Request
Approve request
Check Status

BMC Helix Virtual Agent

Submit Request
Search Knowledge Article
Display My Status

Data Volume

The volume of data is listed in the following table:

Total Users12000+
Total Users Petramco5000+
Total Cases10100
Knowledge Articles765

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced Requests

Service Targets14
Case Templates135
Tasks Templates103
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