Knowledge Management

A knowledge base is an information library that contains information about a product, service, existing issues and their solutions, organization policies, and so on. It is important to create and maintain a knowledge base so that users can access the required information easily and resolve issues on their own. 

To simplify the user access to a knowledge base, Knowledge Management enables users to create, publish, maintain, and search knowledge articles that belong to their organizations. Knowledge articles are a great way to document, maintain, and share different types of knowledge like reference, problem and solution, finance, and legal in an organization.

Knowledge Management provides the following benefits:

  • Improve self-service.
  • Reduce the number of issues that are raised.
  • Access to up-to-date information.
  • Consistent structure and formatting.
  • Create knowledge articles as per the business needs.

Refer the following topics to understand the knowledge concepts that help you work with knowledge articles efficiently:

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To learn how to work with knowledge articles.Knowledge sets and knowledge templates
To learn how to create versions for knowledge articlesKnowledge article versioning
To learn about how approvals work for knowledge articlesKnowledge article approvals

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