Enabling automatic case creation from emails

In BMC Helix Business Workflows, a case business analyst can enable automatic case creation from emails for a line of business so that users who do not have access to self-service tools can request services. Requests can be created automatically for the following users:

  • Employees of a company that is registered in the Foundation Data
  • Users that are outside an organization


Calbro Services includes Human Resources line of business. The email ID hrsupport@calbroservices.com is configured for Human Resources for automatic case creation. An employee of Calbro Services has a medical reimbursement request. The employee sends an email to the email ID requesting a medical reimbursement, and a corresponding case is automatically created in Human Resources.

Before you begin

Make sure that you complete the required steps in Onboarding and implementing.

Process for enabling automatic case creation from emails

The following table describes the tasks that you must perform to enable case creation from emails for a line of business:


Configure the email ID that is specified in the incoming mailbox for a line of business so that users can request services by sending emails to the configured email ID.

Configuring email IDs to enable users to create cases by sending emails

Set up the configured email ID by specifying its attributes. Attributes of an email ID enable you to define how and for which emails cases should be created, and automate the responses agents send to the users.

Setting up email IDs for automatic case creation
3Create email and acknowledgement templates to customize the email communication between an agent and a user. This also reduces the time agents spend on drafting emails for similar types of cases.Creating email and acknowledgement templates


  • Make sure you configure the email mailboxes to filter any spam and spoofed emails.
  • Make sure you do not select any application while configuring the outgoing email profile.

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