Defining global configurations

As an administrator, you can modify the out-of-the-box configurations that are provided in BMC Helix Business Workflows on a global level or for a specific company. Any value that you configure for a specific company overrides the setting that is applied globally.

The following table provides a list of configuration parameters that is provided out of the box in BMC Helix Business Workflows:



Enable the validity of a requester before creating a case.

Enabling requester identity validation



Enable the summarization service to create case description from chat transcripts. Then define the minimum number of chat lines that will be considered for creating the case description.

Using summarization service and defining the minimum number of summary lines

Define the time zone that is used to display the date and time in PDF files.

Setting up the time zone



Detect email loop between two internal systems, or between an internal and external system. Detecting email loops

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