Configuring service targets for tracking case progress

Service targets are a way of monitoring and measuring the performance of the service provider. As a case business analyst, you can configure the service level targets by defining the service-level measurements and service-level milestones.

For more information about service targets, see Service Level Management.

The following table lists the topics that provide more details about how to configure service targets:

Create a goal type to improve the readability of a service target.Creating goal types for service targets
Configure a data source to calculate service targets differently for each case and task.Configuring advanced service target settings on the data source
Create business time segments to configure time to include or exclude when calculating service targets, and combine them to attach to a service targetDefining business schedules for calculating service targets
Configure a service target to ensure that business goals are met.Configuring service targets
Create a service target group to ensure that a single measurement record is created for changes in service target attributes. The single measurement record provides a consolidated time that is spent on resolving a case or task.Creating and processing of service target groups
View audit records for a service target to know who made what changes to the service target and when.Viewing audit records for service targets

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