Configuring default access for cases

When agents create cases in BMC Helix Business Workflows, by default, the assignee, submitter, and the assigned support group are granted write access to the case.

In the following scenario, a user creates a service request by using the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced client application or by contacting a case agent. The case agent from the first-line support group creates a case in BMC Helix Business Workflows on behalf of the user and assigns the case to the corresponding assignee or the support group. As a submitter of the case, the case agent is granted write access to the case. However, the user or any other member of the first-line support group does not have access to the case, which restricts them from viewing the case details or tracking its progress. 

To resolve this issue, the case business analyst configures the access for cases to grant read-only permission to the first-line support groups based on the following fields:

  • Company
  • Line of business
  • Flowset
  • Case category tiers
  • Priority

For example, as a case business analyst you can configure the case access to assign the HR support group read-only access for all the cases related to HR, or assign the IT support group read-only access for all the cases related to hardware, software, or networking.

After the case is created, the following agents, support groups, and companies are granted access to the case:

Agent or Support groupType of access
Assigned support groupWrite

Owner support group of case and task template


Configured Read Support GroupRead


  • A case business analyst and a case manager have write access to case and task templates only if they belong to the owner support group, case company, or owner company.

  • If there are no support groups configured for read-only access, the access is restricted only to the assignee, submitter, and the assigned support group.
  • If the case is created by using a template, any access defined in the Case Access tab of the case is copied to the case created.

Change in case access when assignment is updated

When a case agent reassigns a case, access is updated based on the assignee or the assigned support group.

If an agent reassigns the case to another support group:

  • The assigned support group is granted Write access
  • All access rights for the previous support group are revoked.
  • Access defined for a support group by using the Case Access tab does not change, the new support group is added to the list.
  • If the case agent does not belong to the new support group, they will no longer have access to the case. 
    Case assignee is updated based on use of template and round robin configuration:

    • If the case was created using a case template—If round robin assignment method is enabled for the template, the assignee is updated based on the round robin method, otherwise 
    • If the case was created without using a template—If round robin assignment is enabled in the Global configuration, the assignee is updated based on the round robin method.  

To configure read access for cases

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click My Application Settings .
  3. Navigate to Case Management > Read Access.
  4. On the Read Access Configuration page, from the Line of Business list, select the line of business for which you want to create the configuration.
    If you have access to a single line of business, the line of business is selected by default.

  5. Click Read Access Configuration.

  6. Modify the following fields to define the criteria to grant read-only access to the selected support group:

    Section or Field NameAction
    Access Mapping NameSpecify a name for the read-access mapping.

    Line of Business

    The line of business that you selected to create the configuration is displayed.
    Based on the line of business, the values for Labels, Flowset, and categories fields are available for selection.

    Select the company whose support group should have read-only access to the case.

    If a support group requires read access to tickets created for multiple companies, select Global to create a global read access mapping. Then select that support group from the Support Group field.

    Flowset(Optional) Select if you want to use this mapping for a Flowset defined for a particular line of business.
    Map with the Following Cases

    Select the case categories, label, priority, region, site group, and site for which you want to grant read-only access to the support group.
    Note: If there is an active domain, the values in the Category Tier 1 field belong to that domain.

    Use as Default

    Select the check box to make the current selection as the default read-access mapping for the selected company.

    • BMC recommends that you define a default read-access mapping for each line of business. If the Flowset, categories, and priorities do not match with the values defined in the case, BMC Helix Business Workflows assigns the case to the support group that is defined as the default.
    • You can set only one default read-access mapping for a line of business.
    Support Company, Support Organization, and Support Group

    To specify a support group to which you want to provide read access, perform the following steps:

    1. Select a combination of Support Company and Support Organization.
    2. Select a value from the Support Group list.
      Only support groups directly related to the selected combination of support company and support organization are listed.
      • If there is an active domain, support groups only from that domain are displayed.
      • If you selected Global in the Company field, the selected support group gets assigned read-only access to cases created for any company in the organization.
  7. Click Save.

After a case is created with the values defined in the mapping, the support group specified in the mapping is added to the case with the read-access. You can view the support group from the Case Access tab. The default Assigned Group gets the write access for a case, and the other groups as defined in the mapping get the read access for the case.

For detailed example on how the mapping is applied to a case, see FAQs and additional resources

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