Configuring automatic case assignments

As a case business administrator, you can configure automatic case assignment by using one or a combination of the following methods:


Manual case assignment or the assignment defined in the case template takes precedence over automatic case assignment mapping.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that support groups are defined for your line of business and agents are added to the appropriate support groups.
    You can only assign cases to an individual that belongs to a support group. For more information about creating support groups, see  Creating and modifying companies and organization structures Open link .
  • If you want to use the assignment mapping for a Flowset, ensure that you have defined the Flowset.

To configure assignment mapping

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click My Application Settings .
  3. Select Case Management > Assignments.
  4. On the Case Assignment Configuration page, from the Line of Business list, select the line of business for which you want to create an assignment configuration.
    If you have access to a single line of business, the line of business is selected by default.
  5. Click Assignment Configuration.

  6. Define or modify the fields as indicated in the following table:

    Section or Field nameAction
    Assignment Mapping Name

    Specify a unique name for the assignment mapping.

    Line of BusinessThe line of business that you selected to create the configuration is displayed.
    Based on the line of business, the values for Label, Flowset, and categories fields are available for selection.
    CompanySelect the company for which you want to apply the assignment mapping.

    If you want the assignment mapping to be available to all companies, select Global under Company. A global assignment mapping can be used as the default auto assignment mapping when no assignment is defined for the company.

    FlowsetIf you want to use the assignment for a Flowset defined for a particular line of business, select the appropriate Flowset.
    Map with the Following Cases

    Provide the following information:

    • Select the case categories that you want to map with the support group.

    • Select the case priority that you want to map with the support group.

    • Select a label for the assignment mapping.
      You can filter the mappings based on a specific label. 
    • To enable location-based case assignment, select the region, site group, site where the case must be assigned. The case gets automatically assigned to the relevant support group and assignee of the specific location.


    • If there is an active domain, the values in the Category Tier 1 field belong to that domain.

    • The regions and sites are populated according to the case business analyst's access to companies. If case business analysts have access to multiple companies, they can see all the regions and sites associated with those companies.
    Use as Default

    Select this check box to set the current selection as the default assignment mapping for the company that you selected earlier.

    Best practice

    We recommend that you define a default case assignment mapping for each company.


    • The default assignment mapping is used only if:
      • No best match is found in the assignment mapping.
      • Flowset, case categories, and priority do not match the case template.
    • You can set only one default assignment mapping for a company.

    For example, you have defined assignment mappings for the HR Flowset and Case Priority High. The default assignment mapping is used for cases where no Flowset is selected, or a Flowset other than HR is selected, and the case priority is not set to High.

    Support Company, Support Organization, Support Group, Assignee

    To specify a support group and an assignee for cases created by using this mapping, perform the following steps:

    1. Select a combination of Support Company and Support Organization.
    2. Select a value from the Support Group list.
      Only support groups directly related to the selected combination of support company and support organization are listed.
    3. Select a value from the Assignee list.
      Only users directly related to the selected support group are listed.
      Important: If there is an active domain, support groups from only that domain are displayed.

    The following figure shows an example assignment mapping configuration:

  7. Click Save

For a detailed example on how the mapping is applied to a case, see Example of how assignment and read-access mapping is applied when a case is created.

To configure round-robin case assignment at a line of business level

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click My Application Settings .
  3. Select Line of Business > Manage Line of Business.
  4. (Optional) If you have access to multiple lines of business, select the line of business for which you want to configure the round-robin case assignment.
  5. On the Application Configurations tab, click INDIVIDUAL_ASSIGNMENT_METHOD
  6. From the Configuration Value list, select Round Robin.

  7. Click Save.

After round-robin method of assignment is enabled, the system automatically assigns new cases and tasks to available agents. 

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