Automating tasks

As a case business analyst, you can automate the tasks in cases and the manual processes within the tasks to eliminate manual intervention.

Example of automating frequent tasks performed by case agents

A common case like PTO request has a task that verifies the number of leaves available for an employee. Because this case and task occur frequently, you can automate the task so that the case agent does not have to spend time on verifying the number of leaves available manually.

Related topics

The following table lists the actions that you can take to automate tasks:

Create automated tasks to reduce manual intervention by agents.Automating tasks for quicker case resolution
Automate the tasks of changing the status or assignment of a record to reduce the manual effort of case agents.Automating tasks for assignment and status change
Configure automatic task assignment for your line of business Automating task assignments for line of business
Automate tasks to use RPA bots by using the Automation Anywhere connector.Automating tasks by using RPA bots
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