Assign cases to support groups across companies

An organization can consist of multiple companies, and there can be a requirement to have the flexibility to assign cases or tasks to support groups across these companies. Assignments across cases and tasks are associated with the case agent working on the case, so that they can be assigned to users or groups from any of the companies that are accessible to the case agent. It is no longer restricted to the requester's company.

Consider the scenario where an organization has a different company defined for each geographical location, and each company has a HR support group. They also have a global HR company that is responsible for the human resources departments across locations. All agents that are a part of the HR support group for any location, are also a part of the global HR company. The relocation process may be managed by the local company, but the overall relocation approval and pre-processing is managed by the global HR company. 

When an agent creates a case for a requester located in India for information and pre-processing documentation for relocation policy, the case agent reassigns the case to another agent belonging to the global HR company support group.

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