Adding custom fields to record definitions

As a case business analyst, customize record definitions by adding custom fields to a case or task record definition. These custom fields apply to all the cases or tasks, and you can search these fields in the Case Console or Task Console.

To add fields that apply to specific cases or tasks, add dynamic fields to a specific case template or task template. For information about how to add dynamic fields to templates, see Adding dynamic fields for storing additional case information.

You can display the custom fields added to a record definition in a view. For information about how to display the custom fields in a view, see Adding custom fields to views.

For example, employees in your company have two managers, a primary manager and functional manager. A case agent wants to specify a functional manager for all cases. You add a new text field to the Case record definition and case views so that the agents can add the functional manager.


The custom fields that you add to a record definition are retained after an upgrade.

Types of fields that you can add to a record definition

You can add the following types of fields to a record definition:

  • Attachment
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Date/Time
  • Decimal
  • Floating
  • Integer
  • Selection
  • Text
  • Time


You cannot edit or delete out-of-the-box fields in the Case record definition.

To add a custom field to a record definition

You can add custom fields only to the following record definitions:

ApplicationRecord definition
Case Management Service


Case assignment
Case approval
Task Management ServiceTask

To add a field to a record definition, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.

  2. Select the application for which you want to update a record definition, such as Case Management Service.

  3. On the Records tab, open the record definition in which you want to add a field, such as Case.

  4. On the page displayed, click New Field and select the type of field that you want to add, such as Date/Time.

  5. In the Details section, click the Settings tab, and complete the fields.
  6. Under DETAILS, add the appropriate permissions and security labels for the newly added field.

  7. Click Save.
    The following figure shows an example of adding a new field in the Case record definition:

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