This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 19.11 from the Product version menu.

Viewing case activities and adding activity notes

While working on a case or viewing a case, you can track the case activities and add activity notes to the case. Activity notes provide additional information of a case such as details about resolving the case, communication details with the requester of the case, and so on. You can view and track all the activities performed on a case on the Activity tab on the case details page. To view case activities, you must have read or write access to the case.

You can perform the following actions on the Activity tab of a case:

  • View the name of the agent who made the update and the action performed by the agent.
  • View the status changes, assignment changes, number of case views per user, access to confidential data, priority changes, and so on.
  • View automatic case status updates.
  • View information such as public notes, email, and so on. 
  • View feedback provided by an user who submitted a service request by using BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced application.
  • Filter case activities by using the available filters.
  • Search the activities performed by a particular agent.

To view case activities and survey feedback

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Select Workspace > Cases.
  3. To open a case on the Cases workspace, click the required case ID.
  4. On the case details page, click the Activity tab. 
    On this tab, the latest change in the case is displayed at the top.

  5. (Optional) To filter case activities, click Filter, from the Case filtering options, select the desired options such as Status Change, Emails, Case Views, and so on, and click Apply.
    The following figure shows the filtering options:
  6. (Optional) To filter activity notes marked as public, click Filter, from the External Visibility filtering option, select the Public check box, and click Apply.
    When a case is created for a request that is submitted by using BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, the details provided by the requester are added as a public activity note. You can view such details by using the External Visibility filtering option.
    The following figure shows the External Visibility filtering option:
  7. (Optional) To perform a search to view the updates made by a particular agent, click Filter, select the Author check box, enter the name of the agent, and click Apply.

    The following figure shows the search option:


    You cannot add more than one agent in the search criteria.

  8. (Optional) If the case is created through a BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced service request, to view a survey feedback submitted by a user, click View Survey Information.
    You can view the survey ratings, questions, and answers in the survey information.
    If the survey does not contain any questions or if an answer is not included for a survey question, the survey questions are not displayed in the survey information.


    You can view a survey feedback on a case Activity tab only if a case business analyst enables the display of survey feedback configuration in BMC Helix Business Workflows and a user has submitted survey feedback in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced.

You cannot perform the following actions on the Activity tab:

  • Modify the order in which the case activity details are displayed.
  • Disable or enable auditing on the fields that are displayed in the case activities.

To add activity notes to a case

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Select Workspace > Cases.
  3. To open a case on the Cases workspace, click the required case ID.
  4. On the case details screen, click the Activity tab, and click Add a note text box.

  5. Click Notes Template, from the template list, select the template that you want to use, and click Apply.
    The following figure shows an example template list:

  6. Enter details in your activity note and click Post.
    By default, your note is marked as private.


    • In an activity note, you can mention a person by using an annotation such as @<agent name>. After you post the note, the person you tag receives an email, an alert, or both, based on the notification configuration in Foundation data.
    • If you tag a case requester, a case assignee, or a person who is added as a contact while creating the case, the requester, assignee, and person added as contact do not receive any notifications. You can use public notes to send notifications to a requester or a person added as contact.
    • If a person mentioned in an activity note does not have access to a case, the person cannot access the case.

  7. (Optional) To mark your note as public, select the Public check box .
  8. (Optional) To attach files to your notes, click Attach.

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