This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Viewing and updating case details

After a case is created, as a case agent with write access to the case, you can update the case details like summary, category tier, priority, site, and so on. You can also view certain details in a case that help you to work on it.

For example, while creating a case for reimbursement for an employee, you specify the case summary as Request for reimbursement policy information. After you create the case, the employee requests specifically for the medical reimbursement policy information instead of a general reimbursement policy of the company. To highlight this specification in the case, you change the summary to Request for medical reimbursement policy information

To update the basic details of a case

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Navigate to Workspace > Cases.
  3. (Version 20.08.01) From the Line of Business list, select the line of business for which you want to update a case.
    If you have access to a single line of business, the line of business is selected by default.
  4. To open a case on the Cases workspace, click the required case ID.
  5. On the case details page, click Edit, and perform any of the following actions:

    Change the basic case details
    • To change the case priority, from the Priority list, select the required value for the case, and click Save.
    • To change the case category, from the Category Tiers list, select the required value for the case and click Save.
    • To update the case summary and description, enter the text in the Summary and Description fields, and click Save.
      To format the text in the description, use the options in the text editor.
    • To change the contact person for the case, add the required person in the Contact field, and click Save.
    The new values are applied to the case.

    Change the site of the case

    By default, the requester's site is set as the site of a case. After you create the case, on the case details page, the site details are displayed.

    In certain situations, you can change the site of the case. For example:

    • The requester raises a request from a location other than the registered location of the requester.

    • The department or support group to which the case is assigned, shifts to a new location.

    To change the site of the case, from Site, select the required value. The list displays all the sites for the company that is specified for the case. While changing the site, ensure that you enter a reason for changing the site.

    If you do not give a reason to change the site, you get the following warning message and you cannot save the case:
    Warning: Please enter the Site Change Reason.

    • The site of the case changes from the requester's site to the site that you specify.

    • The case activity feed displays the change in the site of your case.

Other case details

Other than the basic details of a case, you can also view certain details that provide more information about the case. You can use this information to work on the case or to analyze the case resolution.

The following table describes the case details that you can view for your reference:

Case detailPurpose

Employee communication

When an employee raises a service request from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, a corresponding case is created in BMC Helix Business Workflows. The details, along with any attachments, that the employee enters in the service request are displayed on the case details page.

For example, a manager uses BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced to raise a service request to activate the personal records of a new hire. The manager enters the details in the fields and attaches a file as a proof that the new hire joined the company on the expected joining date.

Source of a case

The Source field indicates how a case is requested such as through email, chat, portal, walk by, and so on. You can filter cases based on sources which helps you know the number of cases that come in through those various channels.

Note: The source value of a case that is created through an external application such as BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced or an API is Agent.

Label of a caseThe Label field indicates a tag for a case. You can filter cases based on a label which helps you to sort cases based on a specific tag.
Case activitiesThe Activities tab on the case details page displays activities and history of the changes that agents have made in the case. 
For more information, see Viewing case activities and adding activity notes.

Created for

This field shows the following details:

  • If a case is created for an employee of your organization, this field shows the email ID and contact number of the employee.

  • If a case is created for an external user, this field shows the external email ID.

Add, view, and download an attachment in a case

The case agents can attach files to a case or task and view a consolidated list of all the attachments added to the case and associated tasks.

For more information about attachments, see Adding, viewing, and downloading attachments.

Dynamic fields displayed on case details page

You can see additional dynamic fields when creating a case by using a case template, on the case details page. The dynamic fields are defined in the case template used to create the case. The dynamic fields are case related details required to fulfill case requirements and cover all the important information related to the case for a case agent to work on the case. The dynamic fields are visible on the case details page after you create a case by using a case template which contains dynamic fields. If a requester creates a request and provides responses to dynamic fields from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, a case agent cannot edit these responses.

If you update the information in the dynamic fields, you can see the messages in the History tab on the case details page.

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