This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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Providing feedback for improving the quality of knowledge articles

Knowledge articles provide reference information that agents can use while working on cases. The information in the article must be accurate and useful for the agents. While referring to an article, an agent can provide feedback on the article to highlight an improvement or issue, or to indicate if the agent finds the article helpful. With the help of this feedback, as an article assignee, you can identify the areas of the article that need improvement, and update the article accordingly.

The following figure illustrates an example of how you can improve the quality of a knowledge article based on the feedback received:


In BMC Helix Business Workflows, a case agent who creates a knowledge article is also called as the article assignee.

The following table lists the results of the actions that are mentioned in the example:

1Article assigneeCreates an articleArticle is created and available for reference.
2Other agentViews the article while creating or working on a caseThe agent gets the relevant information about the case.
3Other agentDiscovers missing information in the articleThe agent identifies the area of the article that requires additional information.
4Other agentComments on the article to highlight the missing informationThe agent brings the issue to your notice.
5Article assigneeAcknowledges the agent's commentThe article assignee acknowledges the comment and starts working on the issue.
6Article assigneeAdds the missing informationThe article assignee updates the article with the required information to ensure that the article is complete and useful.

These actions help you to maintain the accuracy of articles and improve their quality.

To provide feedback for an article

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Navigate to Workspace > Cases.
  3. To open a case from the Cases workspace, click the required case ID.
  4. On the Resources tab, click the required knowledge article to open it. 
  5. To view the knowledge article in detail, click View full article.
    On this knowledge article, you can perform the actions described in the following table to provide your feedback: :


    Provide feedback
    for the article

    If you find an article helpful, click Yes

    To provide feedback for the article, click No, and perform one of the following actions: 

    • For general feedback, enter your comments in the dialog box and click Save
    • For suggestions about specific issues, enter them in the dialog box, click Flag article , and then click Save

    When you add a comment or suggestion for the knowledge article, the last updated date and time of the knowledge article is updated. The case agent that is associated with the knowledge article can track the changes to the knowledge article.

    Flag the article for an issueTo flag the article, click this option, enter your comments in the dialog box, and click Flag.


    You can perform these actions on the suggested articles displayed in the Knowledge Metadata section.

To view and respond to knowledge article feedback

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Navigate to Workspace > Knowledge.
  3. To open an article from the Knowledge workspace, click the required article ID.
  4. On this knowledge article, as an article assignee, you can perform the actions described in the following table to address the received feedback:


    Edit the articleBased on the feedback received, make the required updates to the article. You can edit an article title and content. You can also format the content, add files, and provide inline links among other options.

    View the article

    Use the following options to view the article statistics:

    • The view counter displays the number of users who have viewed an article.
    • The useful counter displays the percentage of users who find the article helpful.

    These counters help you select the frequently used articles for your case.

    Unflag the article

    When an issue in a flagged article is resolved, the article is unflagged.

    • To unflag unpublished articles, as the article assignee with Knowledge Contributor, Knowledge Publisher or Knowledge Coach permissions, click this option.
    • To unflag published articles, as the article assignee with Knowledge Publisher or Knowledge Coach permissions, click this option.

    Edit the article metadata

    The Knowledge Metadata section displays different details about a knowledge article. These fields are filled when you create the article.

    You can edit all the fields as required, except the Knowledge Set, Company, and Author fields.

    • Assigned Group and Assignee—To edit the fields, complete the following steps:
      1. Click Change Assignment.
      2. Select the Assigned Company, Business Unit, Department, and Assigned Group.
      3. To assign the article to yourself, select the Assign to me check box.
    • Reviewer Group and Reviewer—To edit the fields, complete the following steps:
      1. Click Change Reviewer.
      2. Select the Reviewer Company, Reviewer Business Unit, Reviewer Department, and Reviewer Group.
      3. To make yourself the reviewer of the article, select the Make me Reviewer check box.
    • Attachment—Use this option to add or change the attached files for reference.
  5. Click Save.

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