This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Onboarding and implementing

After you subscribe to BMC Helix Business Workflows, BMC provisions and activates your system and provides information about how to access those systems. For more information about your product activation, see BMC Helix Business Workflows service .

To get started with BMC Helix Business Workflows, as the administrator, your first create a line of business for your company, such as human resources, facilities, travel, or legal. After you create a line of business, you populate Foundation data for the line of business. After data is loaded to the system, a case business analyst can create configuration data for the line of business. Learn more about Foundation data in Setting up Foundation data about the people in your company.

Before you begin

During activation, BMC Helix Single Sign-On is configured to authenticate the user accounts defined within Remedy AR System server. If you are using SAML-based authentication in your organization and want to configure Remedy SSO to use that for authentication, you must submit a request to BMC Support to configure Remedy SSO configuration with SAML.

End-to-end onboarding and implementation

To set up BMC Helix Business Workflows for your company, the administrator and case business analyst perform the following tasks:

Use the following tabs to learn more about the steps that are involved in each task:

    Action Reference

    Define your line of business such as Facilities, Human Resources, Finance, or Legal.

    BMC Helix Business Workflows for a line of business: 20.08.01 and later
    Actions Reference
    Load existing or new Foundation data to BMC Helix Business Workflows from your BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) system. Foundation data is required for the data structure used by BMC Helix Business Workflows. Loading Foundation data from Remedy ITSM

    Filter Foundation data for your line of business by using domain tags.

    Associating Foundation data by using domain tags

    Create individual data elements of Foundation data that is specific to BMC Helix Business Workflows such as categories and support groups.

    Creating Foundation data specific to BMC Helix Business Workflows
    Assign functional roles to users, functional roles per line of business, bundle access, and permissions so that only the authorized users can perform actions in a line of business. Define the assignment availability of case agents and enable agents to take up assignments. Setting up functional roles, permissions, and assignments for users
    Action Reference

    Define application configurations such as cognitive service, security, and data privacy configurations to define how BMC Helix Business Workflows will work for your business.

    Modifying application configurations
    Actions Reference
    Define case and task templates to simplify case creation for agents. Creating and updating case and task templates
    Define assignment mappings for automatic assignment of cases. Configuring automatic case assignments
    Configure service targets to track progress on cases and ensure that the cases meet the required service level targets. Configuring service targets for tracking case progress
    Configure approvals for BMC Helix Business Workflows to ensure that cases and tasks go through the approval cycles.

    Configuring case approvals

    Configuring task approvals

    Modify the lifecycle of cases, tasks, and knowledge articles to make it more specific to a line of business. Modifying the lifecycle of cases, tasks, and knowledge articles
    Create custom notifications for users. Creating custom notifications
    Action Reference
    Activate a line of business so that case agents can use it. Defining your line of business
    Action Reference

    Extend out-of-the-box configurations by adding custom data and processes to customize BMC Helix Business Workflows according to business requirements.

    Extending BMC Helix Business Workflows
    Actions Reference

    Leverage the cognitive capabilities available with BMC Helix Platform to use the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) while creating or updating a case.

    Leveraging cognitive capabilities in BMC Helix Business Workflows

    Automatically create cases for case agents in BMC Helix Business Workflows from your employees' service requests that were submitted in the BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced application.

    Enabling automatic case creation from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced service requests

    After you set up your system on your tailoring environment, you can move the data to your production and QA environments by using content packages. For more information about exporting content packages, see Exporting and importing content packages to move customized data between environments.

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