This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

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BMC Helix Business Workflows is a cloud-native case management application for all lines of business. It provides services to employees in a scalable, managed, and automated way. Built on BMC Helix Platform, it provides the ability to create automated workflows without writing code and tailor the user interface to meet the organization's need.

Release notes and notices
updated 14 Feb

Consult the following table for a list of notices and information about updates to BMC Helix Business Workflows.


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The following updates have been added since the release of the space:

June 13, 2022This update includes defect fixes.20.08.13
January 07, 20221This update includes defect fixes.20.08.12
August 23, 2021This update includes defect fixes.20.08.05
July 28, 2021This update includes defect fixes.20.08.04
June 21, 2021This update includes defect fixes.20.08.03
May 19, 2021This update includes defect fixes.20.08.02
December 16, 2020


  • Line of business for data and case management
  • Customizable page layouts in PDF document templates
  • Spell check in activity notes
September 23, 2020


  • Knowledge article versioning

  • Knowledge article approvals

  • Task approvals

  • Applying approval mappings to case and task templates
  • Using the new Approval Rejected status for cases and tasks in approvals
  • Email enhancements

  • New notification templates
  • Enable users to digitally sign documents by using DocuSign

  • Live Chat enhancements
  • Ability to add images, tables, and hyperlinks in emails and notification templates

  • Tracking activity updates
  • Anonymizing agent names in public comments in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced service requests

  • Protecting privacy by hiding case view counts from activity notes

  • View customization enhancements

  • Usability improvements

  • Email templates support attachments from Document Library

  • Setting up the time zone, and date and time formats in PDF file generation
  • Support for special characters in PDF file generation
February 21, 2020


  • Automatic case initiation from phone systems that are integrated with BMC Helix Business Workflows
  • Email communication enhancements
  • Templates and qualification builder enhancements
  • Knowledge Management improvements
  • License Consumption reporting enhancement
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows integration enhancements
  • Case Dashboard in reporting
  • View customization enhancements
November 22, 2019


  • Live chat with users to resolve user issues faster
  • Categorize resolved cases to gain insights and report on the resolution process

  • Automate case status transitions for quicker case resolution

  • Automatically notify users by using annotations when adding updates in the case Activity feed
  • Enhancements to data permissions for enhanced security

  • Create service requests in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced from BMC Helix Business Workflows

  • Use dynamic groups in templates for categorizing dynamic fields

October 10, 2019This update includes defect fixes.Patch 01 for 19.08
August 22, 2019


  • Enhanced auditing capabilities for cases and tasks
  • View and add related cases and people from within a case
  • Add relationships to related cases and persons
  • Enhanced user efficiency: Multiple case assignment, watchlist and activity notes template
  • Enhancements to the people profile
  • Create custom label or case sources
  • Accurate service target measurements by defining business time segments
  • View the source of a notification message
  • Approve cases through emails
July 5, 2019

This update includes defect fixes and an enhancement for sending notifications to external email IDs.

Patch 01 for 19.05
May 31, 2019


  • Conditional execution of tasks
  • Restrict access to confidential case data
  • Automatically generate formatted PDFs for required information
  • Automatic case assignment based on location and round robin method  
February 22, 2019


  • The BMC Helix Innovation Suite product is renamed to BMC Helix Platform.

  • Ability to configure service targets for tasks

  • Notifications to users who do not directly work on records but are related to them like a case assignee's manager
  • Centralized repository for documents that can be shared across organizations
  • Ability to add dynamic fields to the dynamic field library and consume the dynamic fields in cases and tasks as additional details
  • Ability to modify the default lifecycle statuses and transitions
  • Automatic case creation for individuals outside of an organization

  • Approval enhancements:
    • Approval action messages
    • Default approval notifications to notify approvers about certain events, for example, case approved, rejected, and so on
    • Ability to allow certain number of approvers to approve records
November 30, 2018


  • Flexibility to create common configurations across companies.

  • Filtered Foundation data.

  • Enhancements to the Business Workflows connector.

  • Assign cases to a support group that is directly related to a Business Unit or Department.

  • Enhancements to attachments.

  • BMC Helix Business Workflows now supports the following languages:
    • Dutch (nl)
    • Swedish (sv)
September 14, 2018


  • Introduction to the Case Business Analyst functional role that replaces the Case Administrator functional role.
  • Simplified method to create custom notifications by defining simpler and fewer parameters.
  • Support for BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced Advanced. BMC Helix Business Workflows does not support BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced Basic.
  • Faster approval configuration and support for additional approval scenarios.
  • Ability to view the history of a case to gain more insights into which case agent made what changes to a case and when.
  • Ability to validate the identity a requester before creating a case.
  • Ability to assign or reassign a case to a support group with which an agent is associated, irrespective of the company.
  • Ability to manage failed automated tasks to enable a smooth execution flow of automated tasks in a case.
  • Ability to view the audit trail and summary of a case in the form of reports.
  • Enhanced email configuration that ensures case creation via emails is more flexible and fast.
June 6, 2018


  • Cognitive capabilities for category and template selection to create cases.
  • Ability to raise service requests by sending emails that automatically create and update cases.
  • Ability to change case template after saving a case.
  • Ability to view tasks from a case template while creating a case.
  • Enhanced knowledge article search functionalities for agents to quickly find the required articles.
  • Automatic refresh of the progress bar and better handling of the pause condition on the progress bar.
  • Ability to view attachments in the Employee's Responses tab of a case.
  • Case status Draft is renamed to New.
  • Ability to view the origin of a case.
  • Notifications for status change and notes added in activity feed of cases and tasks.
March 30, 2018

This update includes enhancements for BMC Helix Business Workflows.

  • BMC Helix Business Workflows licensing.
  • Brazilian Portuguese language support.

18.02: Update 01
February 28, 2018


  • Integration of BMC Helix Business Workflows with third-party applications.
  • Task automation to reduce manual intervention in the execution of tasks and the number of agents that organizations hire to work on cases.
  • Enhanced case assignment functionality to enable agents to assign cases to themselves or other agents from the support group related to the case.
  • Ability to grant read-only case access to first-line support groups.
  • Updates to the progress bar on the Case view to display service-level milestones.
  • Support of multiple languages to provide a localized UI to agents.
November 30, 2017


  • BMC Helix Chatbot provides support to users by interacting through natural language.
  • Flowsets enable you to use BMC Helix Business Workflows for different lines of business.
  • Task sequencing to guide agents on how to execute the tasks in an order.
  • Modern and user-friendly dashboard to view and create reports.
  • Case visibility to manage access to cases for agents and support groups.
1 There are no patches with version numbers 20.08.06, 20.08.07, 20.08.08, 20.08.09, 20.08.10, and 20.08.11.

Onboarding and implementing


As a case business analyst, configure BMC Helix Business Workflows for your organization.

Setting up a line of business


As a case business analyst, set up BMC Helix Business Workflows according to your line of business.

Creating and updating cases


As an agent, create a case by adding details about the user's issue or request. After the case is assigned, work on a user issue by adding related information, reviewing relevant knowledge articles, and taking actions to work on and resolve the issue or request.

Managing and developing knowledge articles


As a knowledge coach, develop a knowledge base for case agents to access reference information easily.

As an agent, create a knowledge article adding information that agents can use to resolve an existing issue, view information about different policies of your organization, and so on.

Viewing reports


As an agent, view information about knowledge articles and progress of cases.

As a case manager, view information about case performance, agents workload, service target status, efforts, and so on.



As a case business analyst and administrator, set up roles and permissions, create templates, configure case approvals, set service targets, case assignments, define notifications, and so on for your organization.

Extending BMC Helix Business Workflows


As a case business analyst, add custom data and custom processes to extend  BMC Helix Business Workflows to meet your organization requirements.



As an administrator, integrate BMC Helix Business Workflows application with third-party applications or other BMC applications.



Common issues, error messages, logs, and contacting Support.

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FAQs and additional resources

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about the BMC Helix Business Workflows product.

Yes. You must be assigned the task or belong to the support group that is assigned to the task to view and edit the task.

BMC Helix Business Workflows provides various roles that provide you specific permissions and access to the product such as reporting access, document manager, SLM user, notification user, and cognitive user. For information about the roles, see Roles in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

Licensing BMC Helix Business Workflows enables you to:

  • Control access to your application.
  • Protect the intellectual property of your organization.
  • Reduce management costs, and adhere to your organization's compliance policies.

To use BMC Helix Business Workflows, BMC SaaS Operations assigns an application license to the tenants. An administrator no longer has to assign individual licenses to agents and business analysts. 

BMC Helix Business Workflows supports the following languages:

  • English (en)
  • French (fr)
  • German (de)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Italian (it)
  • Brazillian Portugese (pt-br)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • Swedish (sv)
  • Danish (da)

The following table describes how users can select the required language from various browsers:

BrowserOperating SystemSteps to change the language
Google ChromeWindows, Apple MacOSOpen Settings, search for language settings, and add the required language.
Mozilla FirefoxWindows, Apple MacOSNavigate to Open Menu and click Options. Search for language settings and add the required language.

In Control Panel, in the Clock, Language, and Region option, add the required languages in the order of preference.

You must download the install pack of the added languages and then restart the computer.

The default support group is the first support group that the server matches chronologically.

Example: You belong to three support groups: HR-Helpdesk, HR-Recruitment, and HR-Benefits. The server matched you to the HR-Helpdesk support group followed by the HR-Recruitment and HR-Benefits support groups. HR-Helpdesk is your default support group.

  1. As an administrator, log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Navigate to Foundation Data > Manage People.
  3. On the Manage People page, open the required user profile.
  4. In the Edit Person pane, in Basic, on the Access Details tab, expand the Functional Roles list, and view the roles.

The following figure depicts a typical process for cases related to facilities and the flowset-specific process for the Assignments function. The Assignments process explains how the system looks for a Flowset-specific process and assigns the case accordingly. If the Flowset-specific process is not found, the case is assigned according to the default assignment mapping.

The following table describes the stages of this process example:

1A case is created.
2The case details are sent to Call Create sub process.
3The case initialization process runs.
4The case validation process runs.
5The case assignment process is triggered.
5aThe case details after initialization and validation is sent to the assignment process.
5bThe system checks whether a Flowset is specified in the case details.
5cIf the Flowset is specified, the Flowset based assignment process is called.
5dIf the Flowset is not specified, the default assignment process is triggered.
5eThe system checks whether the the Flowset based assignment process exists.
5fIf the Flowset based assignment process exists, the system runs the process.
5gThe case is assigned to the support group or individual specified in the process.
5hIf the process is additive (to be run in addition to the default process) or the support group is not mentioned in the Flowset based assignment process, the default assignment process runs. The case is assigned based on the default assignment process.
6The status transition process runs.
7The Row Level Security process runs.

BMC Helix Business Workflows enables a case business analyst to configure the assignment and read-access mapping to assign the case to the relevant support groups or individuals added in the mapping. 

Consider a scenario where a case business analyst configures a mapping for assignment and read-access with the following values:

Mapping nameCompanyFlowsetCategory Tier 1Category Tier 2Category Tier 3PrioritySupport group
Compensation Mapping 1Calbro ServicesHuman ResourcesTotal RewardsCompensationRecognition AwardsHighCompensation and Benefits
Compensation Mapping 2Calbro Services-Total RewardsCompensationRecognition Awards-Employee Relations
Compensation Mapping 3Calbro Services-Total RewardsCompensation-LowStaffing
(Default) Compensation Mapping 4Calbro Services-----Workforce Administration

The case business analyst configures the mapping for assigning the case to the relevant support group. After an agent creates a case, BMC Helix Business Workflows selects the mapping based on the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Exact match is found

If all the values added in a case matches with the values defined in a mapping (best match is found), the case is assigned to the support group that is defined in the mapping.

Case NameCompanyFlowsetCategory Tier 1Category Tier 2Category Tier 3PriorityCase is assigned to
Case 1Calbro ServicesHuman ResourcesTotal RewardsCompensationRecognition AwardsHighCompensation and Benefits
Case 2Calbro Services-Total RewardsCompensation--Staffing

Scenario 2: No match is found

If no match is found, the case is assigned to the support group that is defined in the default mapping. 

Case NameCompanyFlowsetCategory Tier 1Category Tier 2Category Tier 3PriorityCase is assigned to
Case 1Calbro Services-Talent Management---Workforce Administration

Scenario 3: Best match is found

If a few of the values in the case match the values defined in the mapping, the mapping with the closest match is applied.

Case NameCompanyFlowsetCategory Tier 1Category Tier 2Category Tier 3PriorityMapping applied
Case 1Calbro Services-Total RewardsCompensation--Employee Relations
Case 2Calbro Services-Total Rewards--LowStaffing

If no best match is found and a default mapping is not defined, the case submitter must manually assign the case to a support group. If the case submitter does not manually assign the case, BMC Helix Business Workflows generates an error.

BMC Helix Business Workflows can be integrated with phone systems if the phone systems are configured to pass certain parameters to BMC Helix Business Workflows. When a case agent receives a call from such a configured phone system, Quick Case opens, and the details of the caller are automatically populated in Quick Case.

For more information, see Automating case initiation from phone calls by integrating BMC Helix Business Workflows with phone systems.

Yes, you can enable the option to automatically create service requests in from  at a Company level. For more information, see Enabling automatic creation of service requests in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced from cases.

As a case business analyst, you can hide the identity of case agents in public comments in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced by enabling the HIDE_AGENT_NAME_IN_PUBLIC_POSTS setting in BMC Helix Business Workflows from Line of Business > Manage Line of Business. You can enable the setting at a global level for all companies in your setup or for specific companies. For more information, see Anonymizing agent names to ensure agents privacy.

As a case business analyst, when you enable the setting to anonymize case agent names in public comments in BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced, you must also specify the case agent name alias. To create a case agent name alias, enable the AGENT_NAME_ALIAS setting in BMC Helix Business Workflows from Settings > Application Configuration > Common Configurations. If you have anonymized the agent names at a global level, you can define an agent name alias at a global level. If you have anonymized agent names for specific companies, you must define an agent name alias for every company. For more information, see Anonymizing agent names to ensure agents privacy.

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