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Creating email and acknowledgement templates

Templates are an easy way for agents to save time by reusing information that is common to similar type of requests. In BMC Helix Business Workflows, agents can also use templates for communicating with other agents, requesters, or external users via emails.

As a case business analyst, you can configure the following types of templates:

  • Email template—An email template consists of predefined content based on the information that an agent might require for a case. For example, an employee requests for a legal name change and a case is created for the request. The case assignee needs proof of the name change. The case assignee selects the email template Require proof of name change to send an email to the requester. The template contains the content that asks the requester to submit the proof.
  • Acknowledgement template—When a user sends an email to create or update a case, the default acknowledgement templates are used to automatically send emails to the user about successful creation or updates to the case. You can modify the default templates or create templates to provide additional information to the users. For example, you can provide a survey link in an acknowledgement email that asks a user to provide a feedback on the request resolution process.

While configuring email templates, you can add links to cases so that users can navigate to a case quickly. For example, when a case is created, an email is sent to a user. The email message contains a case ID with a link to the case. The user clicks the case ID and opens the case. 

Default acknowledgement templates

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In the acknowledgement template, variables like Case ID, Priority, Status, and so on have corresponding placeholders. When an acknowledgement email is sent, these placeholders display the current value of that variable.

For example, the variable Case ID has the corresponding placeholder $1$. When an acknowledgement email is sent for a case with ID as Case-1234, the placeholder $1$ displays the actual case ID Case-1234 in the email.

Template nameEmail contentRecipientsDefault notification method
Case Create Ack Template

Email subject:

Case $1$ has been submitted

Email body:

A new case has been created by using details mentioned in this email. You can refer to the Case ID for more details. Reply to this email to provide additional information about this case.

Your email reference as below:

Case details:$8$

HR Department

Case Update Ack Template

Email subject:

Case $1$ : $450000029$ Successfully updated

Email body:

This is to acknowledge that the information provided by you for case $1$ has been updated successfully.

HR Department

Case Closed Ack Template

Email subject:

Closed Case $1$ : Successfully updated.

Email body:

This is to acknowledge that the information provided by you for case $1$ has been updated successfully. However, please note that this case is already closed. If you need any further assistance, please create a new case.

HR Department


To create an email or acknowledgement template

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Navigate to Email and perform any of the following steps:
    • To create an acknowledgement template, click Acknowledgement Templates, and then click Acknowledgement Template.
    • To create an email template, click Email Templates, and then click Email Template.
  4. In the pane, enter values in the Template Name and Description fields, and complete the fields as described in the following table:

    Module NameThe default value of this field is Cases and you cannot change it.
    StatusSelect any of the following template statuses:
    • Enabled—The template is ready for use.
    • Offline—The template is not available for use, but you can enable it anytime.
    • Delete—The template remains in the system, but you cannot use it.
    LabelSelect a label for the email or acknowledgement template.
    You can filter the templates based on a specific label.
    CompanySelect the company for which you want to create the template. Select one of the following options:

      • Global—All companies in a tenant can view the template.

      • A company name—Only agents of the selected company can view the template.

    LocaleThe default value of this field is English (United States) and you cannot change it.
    SubjectEnter a subject for the email.
    Note: When a template is used to send an email about a case, the case ID is automatically displayed in the subject.

    Enter the content for the email.
    To insert placeholders for current values, click Insert Fields, expand the General menu or Case Fields menu, and add a field.

    To insert a field that navigates to a case, click Insert Fields, expand the Case Fields menu, add Display ID, and click Generate clickable link . When an email is sent, the Display ID field displays the case ID with a link to the case.

  5. Click Save.
    The email or acknowledgement template is displayed on the Email Templates or Acknowledgement Templates page respectively.

  6. (Optional) To draft a template in a different language, perform the following steps:
    1. On the Email Templates or Acknowledgement Templates page, click the required template.
    2. In the pane, click Localized Message.
    3. In the New Localized Email Message pane, complete the fields.
      Note: In Locale, the languages that BMC Helix Business Workflows supports are displayed.
    4. Click Save.

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