This documentation supports the 20.08 and consecutive patch versions of BMC Helix Business Workflows.

To view the documentation for the previous version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Configuring the next action for an automated task failure

As a case business analyst, you can configure the action that occurs when an automated task fails in a case. The two options for the action are to let the next task to begin irrespective of whether the earlier task has failed, or to not allow the process to proceed with the next task.

You can configure the action at a global level for all companies in your setup or for specific companies. The value that is set for a company overrides the value that is configured at the global level. You can also configure the action at a case template level. The value that is configured at the case template level overrides the value that is set at the global or company level.

To configure the next action

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click Application Settings .
    The Settings page opens in a new browser tab.
  3. Expand Application Configuration > Common Configurations.
  5. In the Configuration Values pane, click Add.

  6. From the Configuration Value drop-down list, select Do Not Proceed or Proceed With Next Task.
  7. To configure the setting at a global level, from the Company list, select Global.
  8. To configure the setting at a company level, select the company.
    When you select the option at a company level, the Global setting is overridden for that company. For other companies, Global setting is applied.

  9. Click Save.

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