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Configuring email IDs to enable users to create cases by sending emails

To enable automatic case creation from emails, as a case business analyst, you must configure an email ID for your company. Configuring an email ID helps employees who do not have access to self-service tools, and external users to send emails to request services, and corresponding cases are created automatically. For an email, a case is created by using a case template that matches with the email subject and content. You can also use the cognitive service to select the appropriate case template for creating a case based on the email subject and content. For information about enabling the cognitive service, see Leveraging cognitive capabilities in BMC Helix Business Workflows.

Before you begin

Before you start configuring an email ID, ensure that the following tasks are completed:

  • Ensure that the administrator has configured an incoming mailbox. For more information, see  Configuring incoming and outgoing email .
  • Ensure that you configure the default assignment mapping with a support group specified in it. Support group assignment is mandatory to create a case from an email. For more information about assignment mappings, see Configuring automatic case assignments.

To configure an email ID for a company

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Business Workflows.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Navigate to Email > Email Configuration.
  4. On the Email Configuration page, click Create.
  5. In the New Email Configuration pane, complete the fields as described in the following table:

    Email IDSelect the email ID that you want to map with a company. The email IDs that you have specified while configuring incoming mailboxes are available to select.

    Select one of the following values:

    • Select the company for which you want to configure the email ID.
    • Select Global to use the email ID for all companies in your organization.
    DescriptionEnter a description for the email configuration.
    StatusSelect any of the following statuses for the email ID:
    • Active—If you want users to send emails to the email ID.
    • Inactive—If you do not want users to send emails to the email ID.
    Default Email

    To set the email ID as default for your company, select Default Email .


    • You must define a default email ID for your company so that it can be used for sending emails from a case. When a case agent sends an email from a case, the email ID associated with the support group of the case agent is used to send the email. If the support group is not associated with an email ID, the default email ID of the company is used to send emails from a case. For more information about associating a support group with an email ID, see Setting up email IDs.

    • If you need to delete the default email ID and have more than two email IDs configured for the company, you must set another email ID as the default before you delete the existing one.

  6. Click Save
    The Save option is applicable only to the fields that are displayed.

After you configure an email ID for a company, you can set it up to include exclusion subjects, support groups, and templates.

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Setting up email IDs

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