Working with the Maintenance Tool Configuration tab

You can use the Gateway Server Maintenance Tool Configuration tab to modify configuration settings for Gateway Server. You can select the email protocol to use for Agent email notifications, choose the location of the Agent user account and disable it.

To modify the configuration settings

  1. Start Gateway Server Maintenance Tool.
    The application opens by default on the Logs tab.
  2. Click the Configuration tab.
  3. Modify the email protocol settings as required and click Next.
    • SMTP: Requires the following information:
      • Fully-qualified SMTP Server Name
      • SMTP Port number
      • Email address where you want to receive notifications

      You must provide a valid SMTP Server name and email address to facilitate the email notification capabilities.

    • MAPI: Does not require any settings.
    • None: No email notifications are sent
  4. Modify the location of the Agent User Account as required:
    • On the local computer: Creates the Agent User Account on the computer where you are running the maintenance tool.
    • On the domain controller: Creates the account on the primary domain controller.
    • Do not create: Does not create an Agent User Account.

      The Agent user account is used to run scripts and send the email notifications.

  5. Select Disable BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Agent User Account to restrict access to the created account. For example, to prevent someone from accessing it from a standard Windows log in.
  6. Click Next and then click Finish to save the configuration changes.
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