Viewing the status of events

The Status page summarizes the event import status and lists all the events that were not correctly imported or associated. It displays a list of events that have not yet been associated to an entity or domain, including the associated warning message.

Events can be in a unassociated status for two reasons:

  • They have been imported after the last execution of the Event Aggregator task.
  • They have been imported before the last execution of the Event Aggregator task, but none of the defined classification rules matched the imported events.

You can access this page by navigating to Administration > Event Manager > Status.

Viewing the event status table

The Status table displays a hyper linked message (that on clicking takes you to the New events page) and the Apply rules now button that enables you to run the event aggregator task.

  • Click  (Apply rules now) in the Status table to instantly run the Event Aggregator task. For more information, see Editing and managing task schedulers.

    Example of the Status table
  • Click the hyper-linked message text showing under the Message column in the Status table to view a detailed list of all new events.

    Example of the New events table

You can analyze detailed information about new events and then act in three different ways:

  • If the an event has mistakenly been imported, you can delete it by clicking Delete this event .
  • You can perform a manual association by clicking Edit this event  and editing the event properties, as described in Managing events and associating them to metrics.
  • If you recognize a regular pattern in one or more events, you may decide to define a new classification rule; this way, the matching events will be automatically classified in future executions of the Event Aggregator task.

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