Viewing system resources utilization for the last 30 days

The system overview graph shows system resources utilization in percentage for the last 30 days. This overview can be used to understand the behavior of resources at a coarse level. To understand the causes of heavy load during a specific period, you must perform a deeper analysis.

The graph is based upon an analysis that is automatically created and executed by the Auto Analysis system task for each BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization Workspace domain.

The System overview tab is not available by default. If you have created a new domain and want to force the System overview chart to become available immediately, you can enable it by configuring the Generate domain-level system/business driver overview option in the Auto analyzer task.


By default, the Generate domain-level system/business driver overview option is not enabled, as automatic generation of charts for all domains can be a computationally expensive operation, especially in large environments.

After you configure the Auto analyzer task to display the System overview tab, you can access it by clicking Workspace > All Domains > domainName and then clicking System overview in the working area on the right.

Sample graph legend

Green: Utilization between 0% and 50%

Yellow: Utilization between 50% and 75%

Orange-red: Alerts for heavy utilization, over 75%

White: No data available

System overview graph: Heatmap of resources utilization (percentage)

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