Viewing process-level data in Data Explorer views

The Process Profile page in the Data Explorer views enables you to view the process-level data and workloads for the systems that are being monitored by capacity agents. The process-level data displayed on this page is averaged according to the number of days selected in the filter for the Data Explorer view.

The Process Profile page is preconfigured in the following out-of-the-box views: AIX, Solaris, and KVM. 

You can configure the time filter and other page level filters according to your requirements. For more details, see Using filtering options in views on the TrueSight Console.


The Process Profile tab is not available for systems that are not being monitored by any capacity agent.

To view the process-level data in a tabular format

In the Data Explorer view, select Process Profile tab. The process-level data is displayed in a table.

Process Profile table filter

Filter nameDescription
Top 30 processes by CPUSelect this option to view the top 30 processes by CPU.
Top 30 processes by MemorySelect this option to view the top 30 processes by Memory. 

Process Profile table



check box

Select the required processes and click View Charts to view the graphical representation of the CPU utilization, memory utilization, virtual memory utilization and page faults for the selected processes.


 You can select maximum 30 processes at a time.

Process Name

Name of the process.

CPU Util [%]Indicates the CPU utilized by the process.
Memory Used [MB]Indicates the memory used by the process.
Virtual Memory Used [MB]Indicates the virtual memory used by the process.
Major Faults [Faults]Indicates the number of interrupts raised when the process is running.
In Blocks [Operations] 
Out Blocks [Operations] 
Process IDID of the process.
Start TimeIndicates the start time of the process.
User NameIndicates the name of the user for which the process is running.


The fields displayed in the table will change depending on the system that is being monitored.

To view the process-level data in charts

In the Data Explorer view, select Process Profile tab. Then, in the Process Profile page, select the check box for the required processes and click View Charts.

The charts are displayed for the selected processes.

To configure columns in the Process Profile table

  1. In the Process Profile page, click table the action menu and select Show/Hide Columns.
    A list of non-mandatory columns available is displayed.
  2. Select the required columns and click Save.
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