Viewing chargeback data and report for Cloud Lifecycle Management

For Cloud Chargeback specific to Cloud Lifecycle Management, the Chargeback solution in TrueSight Capacity Optimization is completely automated. You are only required to install and configure the Chargeback Solution, and that provides you with Cloud Lifecycle Management based Chargeback Reports, as per the Cloud Lifecycle Management content configuration. You are not required to perform any Chargeback Admin related activities, as they are auto-configured for you, and completely automated.

Before you begin

Before you can begin using Chargeback for Cloud Lifecycle Management, you need to integrate it with TrueSight Capacity Optimization. For detailed information, see Chargeback.

Supported platforms and UoM mapping

For information on supported platforms and UoM mapping per provider, per platform for performing automated Chargeback specific to Cloud Lifecycle Management, see Supported platforms and UoM compatibility matrix.

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