Viewing a domain

Locate the desired domain in the Workspace > All Domains navigation panel and click its name to display its detail page in the working area.

A domain may contain one or more of the following objects:

  • Subdomains: A high level folder that includes all the entities such as systems, business drivers, system templates, and service templates.
  • Systems: Any entity imported by the ETL. For example, resource pool, cluster, virtual machine.
  • Business drivers: Any object containing data about workloads.
  • Works: A folder containing analyses and models of the available metrics. This folder also contains reports, folders, and documents. Documents are attached files containing domain-specific information, such as analysis details and conclusions.
  • Events: Objects that keep track of changes in configuration, maintenance, errors, and incidents.
  • Filters: Filters available for analyses and models.
  • Alert rules: Automatic surveillance methods that scan the domain for specific conditions and automatically perform pre-configured tasks when such conditions are met, such as sending email notifications or generating reports.
  • Thresholds: Threshold metrics for a system or business driver. For example, threshold metrics like warning, good, and so on.
  • View lookup: Shows lookup fields configured for entity catalog. This information is only applicable for systems and business drivers. 
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