Validating the database connection for database users

The Database Credentials Tool is a command line utility that enables you to:

  • Validate the database connection (for configured database users) with TrueSight Capacity Optimization
  • View details of database configured with TrueSight Capacity Optimization
  • Update the password of database user on all components of TrueSight Capacity Optimization

    Whenever a database administrator changes password for any database user, you can use this utility to update the password of the corresponding user on all TrueSight Capacity Optimization components.

    To update the password, execute this utility on all components (Application Server and ETL Engine) of TrueSight Capacity Optimization that require access to database. 

The Database Credentials Tool is available in the tools/dbcredentials folder of the Installation directory (CPIT_BASE) of TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

Before you begin

Ensure that you are using a cpit user role to execute the Database Credentials Tool.

To validate database connection using Database Credentials Tool

  1. In the command line, execute ./ from the {CPIT_BASE}/tools/dbcredentials folder.
    The Database Credentials Tool displays the Db configuration summary and Credential status sections for the configured users. This utility displays the LOGS section if the validation fails for any database user.

  2. (Optional): Click Detailed Configuration to view the details of database configured with TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
    Click Update to update the password in the components of TrueSight Capacity Optimization for the database user for which validation has failed and enter the following details:


    Only when the validation fails for one or more user credentials, the option to update the password is displayed. You can use this option to update the password configured in the components of TrueSight Capacity Optimization. Updating password in this utility will not update password in database.

    1. In the User choice section, select the required user.


      This section is displayed only when validation fails for more than one user. If validation has failed for only one user, the Password section is displayed for the user for which validation has failed.

    2. In the Password section, type the password to be updated.
    3. Click Check password.
      Validation status for the new password is displayed in the User section. If validation is successful, save password option is displayed, else Retry option is displayed.
    4. Click save password if the validation is successful. If the validation is unsuccessful, click Retry.
      Password is updated successfully. If password is not updated for any other user which validation was not successful, the option to update password for the respective user is displayed.


Restart the TrueSight Capacity Optimization components after updating the password for database user. For more details about restarting the components, see Stopping and starting components.

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  1. Scott Thompson

    This worked, but I had to stop and restart the TSCO services for the new password to take effect. Otherwise, the db server was still throwing errors about wrong password.

    Jul 22, 2019 07:50
    1. Bharati Poddar

      Thanks for the comment, Scott. The note is updated as suggested.

      Jul 14, 2020 04:14