Support for Microsoft virtualized systems

For information about TrueSight Capacity Optimization support for Microsoft virtualized systems, refer to the following section:

Support for Hyper-V (Microsoft 2012 and 2016 Virtualization Server)

With TrueSight Capacity Optimization, you can:

  • Collect Hyper-V specific metric groups and metrics (for more information about Hyper-V specific metric groups and metric, see Microsoft Hyper-V metrics)
  • Analyze key metrics
  • Conduct CPU modeling of Hyper-V systems

You must collect data from the Microsoft 2008 Virtualization Server operating system that represents the Host Server (parent partition) by installing the Perform Agent on the parent partition.


Analyzing and modeling data that is collected from the virtual system environments described in this section, use the Gateway Server on Microsoft Windows. Similar support is available on UNIX consoles.

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