Support for HP partitions

TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides the following support for HP partitions:

Support for HP hardware partitions

  • For capacity planning purposes, collect configuration data about all of the partitions that enable Analyze and Predict to correlate the activity of all of the partitions to the Host Server.
  • View the overall configuration of the server (provided in the Physical Partition Configuration metric group), as well as some additional system information about the partition (provided in the System Configuration metric group).
  • Generate performance reports on the partition configurations, based on the physical server, categorized by logical systems (partitions).
  • Build and evaluate the performance model for partitioning systems, including the relationship between logical systems and physical system.
  • Perform "What-if..." scenarios on physical and logical systems

Support for HP Integrity VM systems

HP Integrity Virtual Machines (IVMs) are software partitions that provide operating system isolation. The IVMs can be installed on a stand-alone Integrity server or under an nPar that is running HP-UX. Depending on the version of the IVM software, you can create IVM guests that are running HP-UX, Windows and Linux.

What is supported for this platform

Data collection, analysis, reporting, and modeling are supported. Support includes collecting Integrity VM configuration information about the Integrity VMs from the host as well as identifying systems as Integrity VM guests. 

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