Running cost models to generate chargeback reports

Chargeback reports enable you to view the chargeback details of the target associated with selected cost model. You can perform one of the following task to generate chargeback reports  for the selected cost model:

  • Add report templates to the cost model template associated with the selected cost model. Based on the period set for the selected report template, chargeback reports are scheduled to be generated at fixed time intervals (for example, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly). You can access the chargeback reports only after the scheduled chargeback task is executed. For more details about adding report templates, see Defining and managing a cost model template.
  • Manually run the cost model and generate result using the required report template. For more details, see To manually run the cost model and generate chargeback result.

All results are stored in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization database and can be accessed for a specified latency time. You can access the generated chargeback reports from Reports > All Reports > Chargeback reports.

Before you begin

Ensure that the required cost model with associated cost rates and allocations is available. For more details, see Defining and managing a cost modelViewing and managing the cost rates and Viewing and managing allocated resources.

To manually run the cost model and generate chargeback result

  1. Select Chargeback > Cost models.
    The Cost models page is displayed.
  2. Click name of the required cost model.
    The details page of the selected cost model is displayed.
  3. Click Run.
    The Execute Model box is displayed.
  4. Select the required Time filter from the list and click Generate Result.
  5. After an information message is displayed that indicates that the result is available, select the Results tab and select the latest result from the results list.
    In the information message indicating that result is available for the selected period, click time period.
    The Results page is displayed.
  6. Select the required template from the list and click Generate Result.
    The Chargeback report is displayed. You can click Download PDF to download the report.

Where to go from here

If there are any data gaps in the chargeback results, you can view the details of the data gaps. For more information, see Viewing data gaps in chargeback execution results.

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