Replacing Oracle JRE with OpenJDK for Application Server

You can replace Oracle JRE that is installed in your environment with OpenJDK using the script attached to this page. You must replace Oracle JRE with OpenJDK on all the systems where Application Server components are installed. When you run the script, it performs the following tasks:

  1. Stopping the Application Server processes.
  2. Backing up the Oracle JRE folder.
  3. Creating a symbolic link to the OpenJDK folder.
  4. Starting the Application Server processes.

TrueSight Capacity Optimization supports only 64-bit OpenJDK.


Ensure that:

  • The BCO_HOME environment variable is set.
  • The logged in user can run TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

To replace Oracle JRE with OpenJDK

  1. Log in to the system where TrueSight Capacity Optimization is installed.

  2. Download the 64-bit files of OpenJDK 8 from this website:  OpenJDK 8

  3. Extract the files to a temporary directory.

  4. Download the attached script file to a temporary directory.
  5. To run the script, do the following:
    1. Change to the directory that contains the downloaded script file.

    2. Run the command:

    3. When you are prompted, specify the path of the folder where you extracted the OpenJDK files in step 3, and press Enter.
      A confirmation message about the JRE change is displayed after some time.

  6. To verify the changes, do the following:
    1. Change to this directory: $BCO_HOME/jre/bin
    2. Run the command to confirm the OpenJDK version:
      ./java -version
    3. Verify that the Application Server processes are up and running.

To troubleshoot issues that might occur while running the script, see Troubleshooting issues with the OpenJDK script.

To restore the backed-up JRE

If the script runs into an error, do the following to restore your backed-up Oracle JRE:

  1. Stop the Application Server processes.
  2. Back up the current jre folder.
  3. Rename the jre_oracle folder as jre.
  4. Start the Application Server processes.
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