Reinstalling the Capacity Optimization plugin

After you install a cumulative hotfix, fix pack, or feature pack, you must reinstall the Capacity Optimization plugin to use the latest updates to the features that are available in the TrueSight console. 

Complete the following steps to reinstall the Capacity Optimization plugin: 

Before you begin

  • You must be logged on to a TrueSight Capacity Optimization console with a user account that has been assigned a role that includes access to the Administration tab, such as the ADMIN role. 
  • Verify that the Presentation Server computer can ping the TrueSight Capacity Optimization datahub computer. Otherwise, you get the following error in the Presentation Server: Registration Error - Capacity Optimization component registration is failed due to internal errors.

To download and update the Capacity Optimization plugin

  1. In the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console, select SYSTEM > Maintenance > Patches. 
  2. In the Patches page, under Plugin for TrueSight console, click Download plugin
  3. Copy the plugin zip file to the computer where TrueSight Presentation Server is installed.
  4. Update the Capacity Optimization plugin after installing a cumulative hotfix, fix pack, or feature pack of the Capacity Optimization:
    1. Open a command prompt and and navigate to the PresentationServerInstallationDirectory\truesightpserver\bin folder.
    2. Run the tssh utility to update the plugin.

      Operating systemCommand

      ./tssh componenttype update <path>/co-plugin-<version number>.zip


      tssh componenttype update <path>/co-plugin-<version number>.zip

      <path> refers to the location where the plugin file is saved.

      <version number> - Use 11.3.00 or 11.3.01 depending on the installed Capacity Optimization version.

  5. The tssh command upgrades the plugin and restarts the Presentation Server.
  6. When the TrueSight Presentation restarts, log in to the TrueSight console, and re-register the Capacity Optimization component.

To update the Capacity Optimization component in TrueSight Presentation Server

  1. In the TrueSight console, click Administration > Components.
  2. In the Components page, select the action menu next to the Capacty Optimization component, and select Edit.

  3. On the Edit Component page, review the settings, and click Save.

    The status of the Capacity Optimization component is displayed as Connected.

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