Out-of-the-box recommendations

Recommendations are suggestions to help you resolve your capacity risk and efficiency issues. They are categorized based on the conditions that are available in the Optimizer rules. 

You can modify these recommendations as per your requirements. A user with administrative privileges can reconfigure or add new Optimizer rules to modify the recommendations. For more information, see Configuring and managing Optimizer rules.

Recommendation types

You can obtain the following types of recommendations:

Supported recommendation types per platform entity

The following table provides a quick view of the supported recommendation types per entity. For detailed information about a recommendation type, see the earlier section.

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Entity/Recommendation type

Forecasted saturationIdle VMOld snapshotOverallocated VMOversubscription
AWS EC2 instances


AWS volumes

Hyper-V VMs(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

Azure VMs

Azure EBS volumes

OpenStack cloud elements1

vSphere clusters(tick)(tick)(tick)
vSphere datastores, datastore clusters, and hosts(tick)

vSphere VMs(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)

1 - OpenStack cloud elements: Availability Zones, Host Aggregates, Hypervisors, Regions, Tenants Quota

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