Managing Cloud environments

It is possible to use virtualized environments by manually deploying and managing virtual machines (VMs). A Cloud Orchestration engine like VMware vCloud Director or BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) builds additional automation to enable self-service for end users. In these kinds of cloud environments, the TrueSight Capacity Optimization offers additional integration to manage large infrastructures using the particular resource grouping built by the Cloud Orchestration engine.

  • VMware vCloud Director (vCD)
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)

In each case, the TrueSight Capacity Optimization offers OOTB connectors that extract grouping hierarchies from the Cloud Orchestrator in addition to the OOTB extractors for the compute hypervisors. We expand on this section below.

VMware vCloud Director

You should extract hypervisor performance data from vSphere using the standard OOTB vSphere Extractor Service, and cloud orchestrator data using the vCD Extractor.

If you are using VMware vCloud Director (vCD) to orchestrate automated provisioning of your vSphere infrastructure, the TrueSight Capacity Optimization can also collect data from VMware vCloud Director. The TrueSight Capacity Optimization also provides a built-in view of the capacity of your vSphere infrastructure aggregated by vCD constructs (Provider Virtual Datacenter, Organization Virtual Datacenter, etc.). This built-in view is called "vCloud". For more information, see the following topics:

Managing a vSphere or XenServer environment deployed with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM)

If you are using BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) to automate and manage the lifecycle of your workloads on your vSphere infrastructure, the TrueSight Capacity Optimization offers additional built-in features:

  • Capacity-Aware Placement Advice (CAPA)
  • Cloud Capacity Visibility
  • CLM-integrated Chargeback

These features are described in more detail in Integrating CLM features.

Depending on which of the above features you would like to use, different connectors are needed to be configured. For more information, see Integrating with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

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