Idle VM recommendation

The idle VM recommendation identifies VMs that are idle or unused. A VM is detected to be idle if both the following criteria are met:

  • The VM exists for at least 7 days.
  • The CPU utilization, network rate, and disk rate of the VM are less than their corresponding thresholds for at least 95% of the powered on time within the analysis period.

The recommended action provides the resource identifier of the VM (For example, i-07424431def2ac3ef) to be terminated and the identifiers of the volumes (For example, vol-018a8687a67ca899d) to be deleted to achieve the following benefits:

  • Reclaim storage
  • Reduce costs
  • (For AWS only) Reclaim a slot in the free tier if the VM is within a free tier
  • (For AWS only) Reclaim a reserved slot if the VM is reserved


If TrueSight Cloud Cost Control is installed, the recommended action also includes the estimated cost savings (in $) per month.

The following table lists the default values of the configuration parameters that are used to generate the recommendation and links to topics that explain how you can reconfigure or modify them.


How-to resource

Indicator thresholds
  • CPU utilization threshold = 5 %
  • Network rate threshold = 5 Mbytes/s
  • Disk I/O rate threshold = 5 Mbytes/s
Parameters and thresholds in the Optimizer rule (Conditions section)

Idle time percentage (only Powered ON period is considered) = 95

Analysis period = 90 days in the past-

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