Configuring data sources

By default, a connection to the BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization database is already defined in Integration Studio; you can find it in the Data Explorer view by expanding the Data Sources node. The following graphic shows the Data Explorer tab.

Viewing available data sources

To configure a different data source

If you want to configure a different data source, follow these steps. Note that this task is optional.

  1. Select the Data Explorer view.
  2. Right-click the Data Sources node, and click New Data Source.
  3. From the New Data Source dialog box, select the appropriate option for data source creation, enter a name for your new data source, and click Next.

    Selecting the data source type
  4. In the New Data Source dialog box, enter all parameters necessary to establish the new data source.
  5. Click  Test Connection to test the connection to your new data source based on the parameters you just entered.
  6. Click Finish to create the data source.
    Your new data source is now displayed under Data Sources in Data Explorer, and is ready to use.
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